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How many people want more cash from their business, an improved lifestyle and more choices to impact their lives more positively? Every business owner is the same; they want to grow cash flow, ease of operation, improved lifestyle choices and have something, which is more valuable today than what it was yesterday.

The challenge is that many business owners are making decisions without knowing the impact those decisions will have on their success or failure. Bringing on a new employee, changing the pricing of what’s being sold, opening up new premises, borrowing money to fund a new venture or piece of machinery, taking out discretionary spending to fund a lifestyle.

The problem is a disconnection between the decision perceived outcome and the reality of the final outcome. Decisions, which seem ‘doable’ end up costing the business hundreds of thousands in lost cash flow, lost profits and lost opportunities.

Most of today’s business problems being faced by the business owner can be traced back to a decision, which “seemed like a good idea at the time” but ended up having a profound negative impact on the business.

Some business owners operate their business as if they were gambling at the roulette table … roll the dice and see what happens!

With Your PlanningCLUB there is a way where you can make decisions using the ‘What If Engine’ of your planning system – test your assumptions and see the result! If you don’t like the result or want to make it even more powerful … you adjust and get a new outcome. Once you have the model which works best for you – integrate more than 980 business strategies to make it a reality – remove all guesswork and give yourself the best possible chance of gaining what you want.

Known Outcome Movement

Business owners are busier than ever before, and there are more pressures from customers, banks, taxation departments, investors and other shareholders. The business must perform, the business must produce a known result and they need to be warned in advance if their circumstances are going to change.

Business owners demand a result from their business and are finding they can’t rely on the old ways of doing business, the old ways of getting advice and outdated methods of running their business.

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