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The ‘7’ in 7IM refers to the seven original founders of the business. Back in 2002, they couldn’t find a firm they trusted to manage their families’ money properly – so they started the kind of organisation they’d like to invest with themselves. So, we’re very familiar with the challenges of starting and running a business from the ground up.

The aim of the seven founders was to deliver steady returns over the long term, while keeping an eye on risk, using the best technology. They wanted everyone to have access to the kind of service and expertise that institutional investors would expect.

While that founding philosophy still remains, we’ve grown since then. Today, with Caledonia Investments plc as our major shareholder, we now manage over £20 billion for a wide range of clients from our offices in London and Edinburgh.

When it comes to working with business owners and entrepreneurs, our aim is to help you manage your personal wealth with efficiency, allowing you to spend more time on the business, or life outside of it – whichever really matters to you.

As a firm, 7IM’s vision is to deliver an unrivalled experience. This vision is supported by our purpose statement, ‘Succeeding Together,’ which articulates the spirit of the long-term partnerships we foster with our clients, colleagues and suppliers.

We want to continue growing, and to be known for offering the best client service in the UK. That’s why everything we do is wrapped up with real, honest, human service – it’s what sets us apart from everyone else. If you call us, we’ll answer. If we don’t know something, we’ll say so. And we try to make sure every one of our clients’ experiences leaves them satisfied.

We believe what we do best is accompany you throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey, taking the time to learn about what is important to you and taking away the stress of planning your personal finances. Over the years, we have helped numerous business owners achieve financial freedom and wellbeing - so we have the expertise to help you on this journey.


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