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Sifty ML

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Sifty ML

Sifty is changing the flow of goods across borders.

Our company aims to create a cloud of software solutions for all international trade supply chain stakeholders. Today, our cloud software allows users to expedite several repetitive and low-cognitive customs processes; the users of our system immediately change from data entry to data analysis. The impact within their organisations increases their bottom line.

For example, a customs broker company not using Sifty will take about 2 hours to create a customs declaration from a PDF commercial invoice with over 60 different products; with Sifty, it is done in under 20 minutes. The efficiency increase allows one user to complete 6 customs declarations in the same amount of time—more business for their organisation.

We aim to create a team partnership with the user. The human element is a core feature of our model. Our AI assistant will only take mundane tasks from the user, while the human becomes a supervisor of the work done by Sifty. Together, we can create real efficiency.

Sifty's product suite is powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI technology to create the first-of-its-kind Large Language Model (LLM) for international trade.

Visit us to discuss how Sifty can help you create efficiencies.

See you soon!
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United Kingdom
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