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Stealth Interior Solutions Ltd

Professional commercial refurbishment contractors like Stealth Interior Solutions can take full ownership of the project for you. 

​Our services aren’t limited to a specific sector and we provide commercial refurbishment solutions for a wide range of projects.

We provide the Full fit out and our multi-faceted approach allows us to streamline the install and reduce lead times.

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  • PJT Mayfair

    16 Aug 2021 John Barnes
    PJT Partners, Inc. is a global advisory-focused investment bank. Due to rapid business growth and development PJT needed to expand onto the floor above within the building they already occupied.
  • Telecommunications London

    16 Aug 2021 John Barnes
    The four week project required installation of market leading, acoustic performing partitioning systems. It was, as normal, completed within the required time scales and recommended budget.
  • L'Oreal Hammersmith

    16 Aug 2021 John Barnes
    Various projects undertaken at L'Oreal HQ in Hammersmith London. Minimum impact on the office employees as work was done out of hour to minimize disruption.


  • It has never been more important for employers to ensure that the working environment they provide is versatile & omnipresent to ensure their employees remain productive and engaged  
  • Furniture

    16 Aug 2021
    Working closely with clients of all sizes and sectors, we provide a range of services including office design & space planning, office fit outs and office moving.
  • Office Refurbishment

    16 Aug 2021
    Whether you are relocating workspace or the time is right to give your current office a new lease of life, we have a solution that is perfect for your wants and needs. No matter what you want to creat ...
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