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ThirtyNine Cyber Ltd

Stand: B1106
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Every business wants a stronger cyber posture, a smaller attack surface, fewer risks to mitigate. Right? 

You want to feel in control, who doesn't?

But how can you reach that state without first understanding where you are? How can you implement effective solutions without knowing what it is you're trying to fix? How can you work out where best to spend your budget without understanding your current risk profile?

That's what we do.

We are a young company but with decades of cyber experience, we see things differently trying always to find the positive path to cyber maturity, that means, ensuring that your cyber strategy is proportionate to your business risk and the criticality of your operational functions and not take a sledgehammer to your walnut (you know what I mean...).

Our cyber security assessments and professional services follow tried-and-tested processes. By applying these we help you to get a handle on your current security posture, we help you prioritise actions to give you the biggest bang for your buck and we'll help you translate all of this to your board - we'll even help you remediate the gaps.

Our process is simple:

Step 1 – pre-assessment

We take the time to understand your business (not your cyber risk), what makes it tick, how does it operate?

Step 2 – assessment

We assess your cyber health – remember this is an assessment not an audit, we assess fairly and in proportion to your organisation involving all cyber stakeholders.

Step 3 – post-assessment

We provide a full report that details findings and sets out clear actionable recommendations that can be delivered, this includes an executive summary for your board and a programme illustration which prioritises and estimates the cost of remediation including the cost of business change.

Step 4 – follow up

If you need our support to remediate or you would like us to source solutions that help and are relevant, we can. 

If you want to know more please reach out




First Floor 1 Des Roches Square
Witan Way, Witney, Oxfordshire
OX28 4BE
United Kingdom
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