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If you’re a busy service-based business owner feeling trapped and time strapped, If you want to take control of your calendar and your business rather than them claiming you then I can help guide you to grow your company while enjoying more time freedom.

My name’s Tracy Irwin, I’m a bestselling author, entrepreneur, coach, business mentor, world traveller, lover of all things crafts and anything salted caramel.  I also founded an award winning bookkeeping and accounting practice in the UK, which I now oversee from a strategic level since moving to my Spanish home in the beautiful Sierra de Bernia in 2016.

It sounds like I’m winning at life, doesn’t it? When it’s written together like that in one paragraph all parcelled up with a big success bow on top but please, read on…

My business journey started in a cramped spare room over 20 years ago. There were weeks where I was convinced I’d be better off quitting and going back to my ‘real’ job.  I was simultaneously trying to bring up my eight year old daughter as a single mum while spinning a hundred other plates. I had zero ‘me’ time and was my own lowest priority in the most classic case of burn out you’ve ever seen.

Oh yes, I can fail hard! I even ended up in hospital at payroll year end time once, after this low point, I knew it was time to change!!

My passion now is helping other business owners gain more “time freedom”, as I have, while growing their business.  I’d been running my accountancy practice and for years and saw the same issues and problems time and time again with our accountancy clients so I started offing mentoring services, at first just to our clients, and my mentoring journey grew from there.

I realised not everyone could afford my one to one mentor service. So, I decided to write it all down in a book and make it accessible to everyone.  I didn’t know if I could write a book though. Me? An author? It was uncharted territory. Up until that point, in 2016, I had only ventured into projects that I was confident I could accomplish – and even then I fought a constant battle with imposter syndrome. 

My book ‘One, Two…Free’ was eventually published six YEARS after I wrote it (the delay credited solely to imposterism!) and it marked my inaugural journey into a project without the safety net of assured success. All I had was the investment of my heart and soul, and of course tremendous effort. This was an important step in me waving goodbye to the nagging fear of failure feeling I’d let rule my entire life.

It became a best seller and things were escalating…in a good way. I started being invited to speak on podcasts with business leaders across the world .  I’ve been interviewed and critiqued by well-known journalists, I´ve won an award for speaking at a Profit First convention in New York and my book has a respectable 4.9 star rating on Amazon, which I’m very proud of.

My accountancy practice continues to flourish, managed by a terrific team in the UK,  allowing me the time to step back from the day to day and focus on my true passion – mentoring other business owners.


74 Duke Street,
LA14 1RX
United Kingdom
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