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Vanity Studios

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Vanity Studios started in 2009, with a desire to provide customers with high quality bespoke professional photoshoots and create relationships that meant they would always come back to us when they needed new images. At the time, most of the studios we saw, provided low quality images, had inexperienced staff but still charged an arm and a leg for the photos!


Fast forward to today, and our goals to help our clients achieve their desires, leave with beautiful photographs, and trust us enough to come back, are stronger than ever. What’s given us the most pleasure over the years has been the feedback we’ve received from clients who were initially shy and conscious, feeling that the atmosphere and team at Vanity Studios left them with a much needed confidence boost. We are proud to be a safe space for ALL our clients and continue to look for ways in which we can evolve as a company further.


We understand that every client has different needs and with the advances in technology and social media, the need to have high quality images that represent you, your loved ones or your profession, has grown massively.

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