Pierso, The Entrepreneurs Coach

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Pierso, The Entrepreneurs Coach

Hello I'm Pierso, The Entrepreneurs Coach and I work with individuals and teams to support their entrepreneurial journeys.  I'm hands on, practical, direct and take a no nonsense approach in helping my clients.


As an entrepreneur for 30 years, I've learned a thing or two about starting, scaling and building businesses.  To use the phrase “I've been there, seen it and done it”, is an understatement as there is very little that I have not experienced. I am at a stage, where my true value can now be shared with others and I love it.  I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs but everyone's journey is different, unique and a very personal affair. Through my coaching practice, Pierso and my consulting business TechCXO, I am a trusted supporter for entrepreneurs on their journey’s to success.


Every great entrepreneur possesses unique talents which when combined, with a sprinkle of luck and good grace, can create success. Aside of great ideas and some basic talent, I believe there are six key attributes an entrepreneur needs:


Passion - you've got to love what you do

Energy - you've got to dive in and commit with bundles energy

Persistence - you need grit and an ability to stay the course, no matter what

Focus - you need to know what you're doing at every moment on your journey.

Discipline - you have to be tough on yourself and really commit to everything

Flexibility- you need an open mind and accept inevitable change


Starting a business is easy, but building and scaling a successful business is a challenge. The entrepreneurial journey is an amazing experience and is filled with highs and lows and is rarely straightforward.  The twists and turns, the uncertainty, the range of emotions and the pain and the pleasure is all part of the excitement and fun of running your own business.


Whether you are building the next unicorn, starting a business to support your lifestyle, or just working on something you love, go for it, be amazing, have fun and remember, I'm here to help!

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