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I am an NLP Master Practitioner so I help people to clarify their thinking by removing all the baggage they have built up over the years that slows down and subverts their thinking. The yes I can, no I can’t syndrome.

I’m also a corporate trainer now focussing on small businesses who can’t employ big budget project planning tools like Prince2 and are perhaps drawn towards Agile delivery methods like Scrum. I know how these approaches can be combined and tailored to deliver rapid accurate project and delivery results within a small business framework. You get a big business toolset to suit a small business operating model.

Combine clarity of thinking and the framework toolset and you get a mindset to go with the toolset, rocket fuel for achieving results. 

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  • Project Life

    27 Sep 2021 Gerry Steinhauer
    Why do we as people struggle with so many negative ideas 


  • Small business Mindset to go with the Toolset
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