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Lindi is one of those people who is powered by positivity. She might be a handful at times, and if you get excited her accent comes out and she talks super-fast (so she might be a little difficult to understand), but you will always end up with the most positive and powerful result possible with her at your side. And the bigger, more complicated and chaotic the problem you bring her, the more excited she will get. So go ahead and pile it on!

Nothing brings this excitement out more than her love of working with children. With a background in musical theatre, she spends her free time teaching dance and helping children learn that when you work hard, magic happens. She could happily sit with a child for hours just to help them learn to count to 5, and she’s sometimes convinced she runs on the improvement and betterment of children. Including her own little girl – Chloe Beth – who is just as loopy as her dear old mum!

Through it all, Lindi has always been the ‘queen of organisation’. She’s always been able to juggle a hundred things at once, and somehow still manage to get dinner on the table on time. She uses this skill to help business owners and busy individuals live easier, simpler, and more organised lives. And really, who doesn’t want that?

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