A Dedicated Franchise Zone By Europe's biggest International Franchise Show

The 2022 Business Show welcomes an all new Franchise Zone. A dedicated area to discover all about franchising and learn more about becoming your own boss! Statistically, franchises tend to have better success rates than non-franchised businesses. One primary reason to buy a franchise has to be the level of brand awareness they already have. Customers know you, are aware of your products or services, and already have a desire to buy from you. Picture the difference between opening a new restaurant and purchasing a McDonald’s franchise, for example.

Why buy a franchise? Because becoming successful in business needs a guiding hand. A quality franchisor does this by:

  • Leveraging brand awareness
  • Providing a marketing and advertising strategy
  • Offering training programmes and ongoing support
  • Helping draft business plans
  • Providing a cost-effective inventory

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