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Digital Marketing Kickstart - Zero To £10,000 Per Month

Learn how to create a CEO Level Income working from anywhere using the power of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Social Media.

Sponsor of the Digital Marketing Kickstart - Zero To £10,000 Per Month


Create Your Property Business Masterclass

In this masterclass, you have the opportunity to see and hear live one of the UK’s most sought after and leading business and property experts Kam Dovedi. Kam will share with you how you can use property as an asset class to create a safe, secure and sustainable income.

Sponsor of the Create Your Property Business Masterclass


Barclaycard Small Business Masterclass

Take advantage of our small business experience to make your next business step with confidence. We’ll be combining Barclaycard’s business know-how with knowledge and insights from a selection of business experts. We’re going to be sharing tips and advice, from setting up your own business to scaling-up an existing business and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Sponsor of the Barclaycard Small Business Masterclass


Blueprint for Property Wealth

This masterclass will teach business owners how to turn proactively made profits into safe passive recurring income for the long term, to achieve financial success and mitigate the risks of their current business.

Sponsor of the Blueprint for Property Wealth


Boost Your Memory In One Hour

Come and see for yourself the remarkable capabilities of your brain!

Sponsor of the Boost Your Memory In One Hour


CRM and Communication Masterclass

Get face-to-face training on how to best leverage your CRM with effective communication to both win new customers and retain existing customers.

Sponsor of the CRM and Communication Masterclass


Intellectual Property Masterclass

Intellectual property (IP) is an umbrella term for rights including trade marks, patents, registered designs and copyright. Every business will own intellectual property - the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business.

Sponsor of the Intellectual Property Masterclass


Property Investment Business Masterclass

Building a Property Investment and Development Business can only be for serious entrepreneurs. Many ignore this sector because they misunderstand property, they think it’s too risky or because they feel that they don’t have enough cash to make it work. In this brief seminar, we will show you how to build a sustainable business with very little cash and how to minimise your risk.

Sponsor of the Property Investment Business Masterclass


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