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At a glance

  • Who is Shenzhen Valley Ventures?
  • What is the Greater Bay Area? (GBA)
  • How startups and corporates are utilizing the GBA?
  • The product development process (POC to MP1)
  • Protecting your IP
  • Working with Chinese factories


Making it in China Masterclass

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Think globally not locally is the new secret to expansion. Many hardware founders are looking towards China for their product development. Here’s what you need to know, from prototype to mass production.

From prototyping to mass production, many founders are flocking to China, more specifically to the Greater Bay Area to develop their products. The GBA has fast become the hardware hub of the World. By utilizing the expertise, supply-chain, and manufacturing capabilities within the region, it’s the perfect place for startups and corporations.

After giving numerous speeches to MBA students, corporate delegations, and startup communities, hear from Shenzhen Valley Venture’s Business Development Manager Frederick Bravey about the region, and gain insight into developing in China.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Chinese ecosystem and how, as a founder, you can benefit from the region’s resources, then come by and have a chat with us. After the talks we’d be happy to assist you further on the subject.

About the sponsor

Shenzhen Valley Ventures is an engineering venture manufacturing company. They have 80+ engineers, all dedicated to assisting startups, corporations, and, universities. They specialize in every aspect of product development, and offer small-scale manufacturing to help market-test small batches before launch.

Their unique business-model and infrastructure allows them better insight into venture prospects, by only investing into their engineering portfolio, as well as, offering an in-depth due diligence to other VCs, CVCs, Angels, and LPs. By partnering with corporations, SVV bridges the gap between their startup and corporate partners, for either further investment, or M&A.


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