1. Valuable lessons and principles learnt throughout a boxing career, which were then implemented into business creating a successful portfolio of businesses.
  2. This session will translate the methodology from Alison’s best-selling book, Secrets of Successful Sales, into practical tips to implement within both your personal and professional life. Looking at practical goal setting and finding purpose, this session will help you to analyse your behaviours to help you build better relationships, improve your confidence, and ultimately get what you want. By the end of this session you will be unstoppable!
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  5. In the modern economy, the future of careers is uncertain but one thing is clear the future of business is in being “Self Made” as an entrepreneur or by having an entrepreneurial mind-set. This talk will outline 4 innovative sales strategies to make your business more profitable and to force you to think outside of the box as you continue along your Self-Made journey.
  6. Augmented Reality will transform the public space in an unexpected and creative way. Augmented Reality glasses are approaching normal glasses making them appealing to the average consumer. We will soo ...
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  8. Want to scale up your business quickly? Now more than ever Partnerships and Collaborations are the way to do this. They’ve been around for as long as business, yet very few businesses take a strategic ...
  9. During this seminar we will be exploring the ways in which businesses can protect themselves against the fluctuations of the largest financial market in the world, the foreign exchange market. With daily volumes of over $5 trillion, markets can swing wildly so having an appropriate strategy in place to reduce FX risk is key to financial stability.

    We will look at examples of how clients can be impacted by market movements, then explain the different methods available to protect against, as well as benefit from, market volatility. Understanding your foreign exchange exposures is key, and Aston will also be showcasing their new software which allows businesses full visibility over their different currencies.
  10. Business success is founded on IT – but is your IT losing you new business, and how to fix it?
  11. It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities that also means there are new security challenges we face. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. Therefore it definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
  12. After battling through a tough year with the COVID-19 lock-down challenges, now is the perfect time to get the absolute best out of your business in 2021. Join our international and returning motivational speaker Ian Dickson for 21 of the best business tips to help you thrive post lock-down and into the new ways of doing business.
  13. Young Entrepreneurs Panel Jack Parsons, Ben Towers and Sabrina Stocker and hosted by Alison Edgar.
  14. We’ll share our experience of the 5 biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to employing people. You will learn how to avoid these mistakes and the costly employment tribunals that they la ...
  15. With over 27 million users in the UK, LinkedIn is definitively the number one place to find prospects and new clients for your B2B-focused business.

    In this seminar, we will discuss strategies and tactics you can implement today which will turn your LinkedIn profile into your top source for high quality leads. Learn about profile optimisation, engagement for growth, outreach best practices and more.
  16. Is your business hopping on the wellbeing backfoot post covid 19? This presentation shows why the time has come to bring wellbeing to the forefront of your business and where to make a start. Looked a ...
  17. As a business owner, do you feel like there is just not enough time in your day? Are you working in your business or working on your Business? Together we can help you shift this mind set.
  18. Did you also know that over 85% of health problems derived from stress and anxiety, which directly and indirectly linked to the gut? Actually, within one minute of getting stressed, the body produces cortisol, changing to adrenaline which stays in our system for 4-12 hours and dramatically affects our hormones. This results amongst many things to weight gain, moods, reduced oxygenation and most importantly weakens of our immune system.
  19. In our fast-paced, busy lives, we don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients and running our business. What we need is our name to come up in all the right conversations, so prospects come to us pre-sold and ready to buy. In this talk, Naomi outlines the fundamental principles for quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry and using LinkedIn to build your business.
  20. Saasha will discuss how they grew OLIO from a small niche food sharing network in North London to a global success, with more than 2.5 million users fuelled by 50,000 volunteers. Expect practical insights and tips you can use to leverage the power of community within your own startup or organisation.
  21. Intuition enables us to unconsciously know that a decision is right without knowing why and without processing the information. Our emotional intelligence helps us to combine our intuition with emotions to make authentic decisions and be more creative. This seminar explores how to apply intuition and emotional intelligence to creativity to develop decision making and increase productivity to the benefit of individuals, teams, and organisations.
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  23. How I turned my side business from nothing, into 7 figures after 3 years.
  24. The world is facing an unprecedented time, which presents unique challenges for businesses of all sizes. Why is Search Advertising considered by some to be the most ‘recession proof’ tool to support the recovery, innovation and growth of small businesses?
  25. Sophie shares advice on how she has navigated being a woman in business, particularly how embracing her ‘inner girl’ has turned into a real advantage as she’s scaled Mamamade. Though we are raised to believe that girls are less powerful, there is an innate compassion, empathy, passion, vulnerability and openness that can be harnessed and embraced for great success.
  26. How should you build and embed the skills, tools and flexibility your business needs to grow in the short, medium and long term?  How to deliver your purpose and passion and convert that into profit.
  27. Struggling to find your G-Force, then let George Harriman take you on a ride to find your inner power bot to defy the odds and set up a new successful business from scratch. As an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, entrepreneurship is something George takes incredibly seriously in the creation of his events, artists, venue and retail management business Charnwood Entertainments. 
  28. This seminar will provide information on how fire safety legislation applies to Blocks of Flats and Houses in Multiple Occupancy.


  29. Discover how to grow your business by providing 1-2-1 personalised, real-time experiences to your customers across messaging channels

  30. SME’s are in a unique position not unlike the business owners in the 1920’s faced after the Great Depression. Great Resources, Opportunity, Need and Challenge. How do you sift through all the noise, and develop a simple user friendly and customer centred digital model that actually works? This is a very practical, fun and innovative seminar with proven industry examples to help you grow online and increase your business income. 

  31. This seminar will provide guests with the tools and knowledge to confidently chase payments and get paid on time, whilst maintaining a positive relationship with their valued Customers.
  32. How to make a  good, reliable income helping helping businesses drive more profits from their websites and social media by helping them introduce effective content with copy, pictures and videos that tell the world their unique stories.
  33. Launching and growing a business debt-free will give you the freedom to be creative, freedom to respond to market needs, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to win, and the freedom to fail and survive. Come and hear how one man has pioneered this philosophy.
  34. Women leaders in the 21st century recognise a more enlightened approach is needed to leverage the value of their employees, their customers, suppliers and community stakeholders for their business to have long-term success. Women leaders recognise the importance of humanity in the relationships their business establishes will achieve greater success than those who focus on competitiveness and profitability. Organisations that allow women to help them upgrade their focus will create new skills and competence.
  35. As fast growing supplier in providing ready to use offshore teams with zero maintenance for any industry, we will show you, how you can grow presence of your business globally and save up to 60% of your costs. 
  36. We believe organisations have a social responsibility to provide the right environment & conditions where every individual can contribute to their full potential. However, what we often see is extreme ...
  37. Your brand is a performance that people contribute to day-in, day-out. Your value proposition should be a number 1 hit – the song your team love to sing and your audience want to hear. Yet all too often organisations take to the stage and sing ten tunes at once. They create brand-dissonance then wonder why no one can understand what they do! In this session, marketer and musician Jill Pringle shares the most common brand mistakes smaller businesses make and gives her strategies and tips for that chart-topping value proposition that gives you the clarity, confidence and cashflow to scale your business.