1. Valuable lessons and principles learnt throughout a boxing career, which were then implemented into business creating a successful portfolio of businesses.
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  4. In the modern economy, the future of careers is uncertain but one thing is clear the future of business is in being “Self Made” as an entrepreneur or by having an entrepreneurial mind-set. This talk will outline 4 innovative sales strategies to make your business more profitable and to force you to think outside of the box as you continue along your Self-Made journey.
  5. Augmented Reality will transform the public space in an unexpected and creative way. Augmented Reality glasses are approaching normal glasses making them appealing to the average consumer. We will soo ...
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  7. Want to scale up your business quickly? Now more than ever Partnerships and Collaborations are the way to do this. They’ve been around for as long as business, yet very few businesses take a strategic ...
  8. During this seminar we will be exploring the ways in which businesses can protect themselves against the fluctuations of the largest financial market in the world, the foreign exchange market. With daily volumes of over $5 trillion, markets can swing wildly so having an appropriate strategy in place to reduce FX risk is key to financial stability.

    We will look at examples of how clients can be impacted by market movements, then explain the different methods available to protect against, as well as benefit from, market volatility. Understanding your foreign exchange exposures is key, and Aston will also be showcasing their new software which allows businesses full visibility over their different currencies.
  9. Business success is founded on IT – but is your IT losing you new business, and how to fix it?
  10. It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities that also means there are new security challenges we face. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. Therefore it definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
  11. After battling through a tough year with the COVID-19 lock-down challenges, now is the perfect time to get the absolute best out of your business in 2021. Join our international and returning motivational speaker Ian Dickson for 21 of the best business tips to help you thrive post lock-down and into the new ways of doing business.
  12. Young Entrepreneurs Panel Jack Parsons, Ben Towers and Sabrina Stocker and hosted by Alison Edgar.
  13. Is your business hopping on the wellbeing backfoot post covid 19? This presentation shows why the time has come to bring wellbeing to the forefront of your business and where to make a start. Looked a ...
  14. As a business owner, do you feel like there is just not enough time in your day? Are you working in your business or working on your Business? Together we can help you shift this mind set.
  15. Did you also know that over 85% of health problems derived from stress and anxiety, which directly and indirectly linked to the gut? Actually, within one minute of getting stressed, the body produces cortisol, changing to adrenaline which stays in our system for 4-12 hours and dramatically affects our hormones. This results amongst many things to weight gain, moods, reduced oxygenation and most importantly weakens of our immune system.
  16. In our fast-paced, busy lives, we don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients and running our business. What we need is our name to come up in all the right conversations, so prospec ...
  17. Saasha will discuss how they grew OLIO from a small niche food sharing network in North London to a global success, with more than 2.5 million users fuelled by 50,000 volunteers. Expect practical insights and tips you can use to leverage the power of community within your own startup or organisation.
  18. Intuition enables us to unconsciously know that a decision is right without knowing why and without processing the information. Our emotional intelligence helps us to combine our intuition with emotions to make authentic decisions and be more creative. This seminar explores how to apply intuition and emotional intelligence to creativity to develop decision making and increase productivity to the benefit of individuals, teams, and organisations.
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  20. How I turned my side business from nothing, into 7 figures after 3 years.
  21. Sophie shares advice on how she has navigated being a woman in business, particularly how embracing her ‘inner girl’ has turned into a real advantage as she’s scaled Mamamade. Though we are raised to believe that girls are less powerful, there is an innate compassion, empathy, passion, vulnerability and openness that can be harnessed and embraced for great success.
  22. How should you build and embed the skills, tools and flexibility your business needs to grow in the short, medium and long term?  How to deliver your purpose and passion and convert that into profit.
  23. Struggling to find your G-Force, then let George Harriman take you on a ride to find your inner power bot to defy the odds and set up a new successful business from scratch. As an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, entrepreneurship is something George takes incredibly seriously in the creation of his events, artists, venue and retail management business Charnwood Entertainments. 
  24. This seminar will provide information on how fire safety legislation applies to Blocks of Flats and Houses in Multiple Occupancy.


  25. Discover how to grow your business by providing 1-2-1 personalised, real-time experiences to your customers across messaging channels

  26. SME’s are in a unique position not unlike the business owners in the 1920’s faced after the Great Depression. Great Resources, Opportunity, Need and Challenge. How do you sift through all the noise, and develop a simple user friendly and customer centred digital model that actually works? This is a very practical, fun and innovative seminar with proven industry examples to help you grow online and increase your business income. 

  27. This seminar will provide guests with the tools and knowledge to confidently chase payments and get paid on time, whilst maintaining a positive relationship with their valued Customers.
  28. How to make a  good, reliable income helping helping businesses drive more profits from their websites and social media by helping them introduce effective content with copy, pictures and videos that tell the world their unique stories.
  29. Women leaders in the 21st century recognise a more enlightened approach is needed to leverage the value of their employees, their customers, suppliers and community stakeholders for their business to have long-term success. Women leaders recognise the importance of humanity in the relationships their business establishes will achieve greater success than those who focus on competitiveness and profitability. Organisations that allow women to help them upgrade their focus will create new skills and competence.
  30. As fast growing supplier in providing ready to use offshore teams with zero maintenance for any industry, we will show you, how you can grow presence of your business globally and save up to 60% of your costs. 
  31. We believe organisations have a social responsibility to provide the right environment & conditions where every individual can contribute to their full potential. However, what we often see is extreme ...
  32. Your brand is a performance that people contribute to day-in, day-out. Your value proposition should be a number 1 hit – the song your team love to sing and your audience want to hear. Yet all too often organisations take to the stage and sing ten tunes at once. They create brand-dissonance then wonder why no one can understand what they do! In this session, marketer and musician Jill Pringle shares the most common brand mistakes smaller businesses make and gives her strategies and tips for that chart-topping value proposition that gives you the clarity, confidence and cashflow to scale your business.
  33. The world of work is changing fast.  This will be an exploration of the changing nature of work, the significant shift towards hybrid working and what opportunity this provides for rapid franchise investment & growth for real estate investors, entrepreneurial landlords and franchise operators.

  34. People ask me the two same questions..

    How do I get started as a business? With more and more people taking the leap and starting their own business, what is the checklist any potential new business owner should be working through?

    How do I survive as a small business? With the business landscape ever evolving, especially since the strike of the pandemic. How should you adapt for long term success?

  35. To grow a business, it’s important to understand the levers that drive its success.  For Illuminet we identified four pillars were key.  Multipliers ensure the scalability of sales, i.e. how many people are selling, how many partners we had etc.  Differentiators ensure we stand out from competitors.  Presence on social media ensures people see and hear us.  Finally, repeatable commercial processes enable reliable scalability to support the growth. 
  36. Is your business hopping on the wellbeing backfoot post covid 19? This presentation shows why the time has come to bring wellbeing to the forefront of your business and where to make a start.  Looked ...
  37. Growing businesses are naturally laser focused on growth, as many ambitious scaleups will attest to! But often, true customer loyalty and substantial market penetration come from innovation.

    How do businesses balance these two demands?

    In this session, we'll take a look at growing businesses who have successfully balanced growth and innovation. We’ll discuss their critical success factors - namely, the processes and people they've put in place to achieve success.

  38. This seminar is for business owners in a service industry, trading for at least two years, who have employees or subcontractors and are serious about growing.

  39. For nearly 25 years, innocent has been a brand on a mission – showing how commercial success and a values-led approach to business cannot just co-exist but positively thrive. CEO since 2013, Douglas Lamont is taking that founding vision to the next level this year. As Co-Chair of the Better Business Act campaign, he’s asking Parliament to change company law – and require all UK directors to have clearer legal responsibility for looking after planet and people, as well as shareholders. It’s only by raising the stakes, he argues, that we can hope to leave the world better – and happier – than we found it.
  40. Who’s responsible for work-life balance, the employer or the employee? Is work-life balance even possible and how will I know when I’ve  achieved it? How can I be more productive? Why is our sickness rate so high? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions as a business owner or employee then come along to this seminar for answers which will change the way you view work-life balance.
  41. An unmissable and exclusive interview with Oliver Cookson, founder of Myprotein. Oliver will discuss how he single-handedly grew a multi-million pound brand with just £500 from his bedroom, turning Myprotein into the fastest growing and number one Sports Nutrition brand. Find out about his early life, how he spotted the opportunity, what measures he took to manage the growth, the share sale and life after Myprotein, and take the opportunity to learn more about his success in an interactive, open Q&A session.
  42. In this talk Alpesh outlines his experience watching the growth of the most successful companies in the world and advising his clients how to invest in those companies. Through proprietary, time and tested strategies and a disciplined mindset, in this talk Alpesh will show how he finds those companies, and what he measures to know when and how many stocks to buy and sell. In his signature no-nonsense style, Alpesh will share his views on a range of crucial topics such as: 

    How do you decide which public stocks to invest in?

    How can you evaluate the impact on markets when they change? 

    The markets are driven by the news, but can it be dangerous to gamble around news – how do you know what to listen to? 

    The best companies or sectors investors should be looking towards now? 

    What investing errors do you think business leaders make when it comes to their own businesses? 

    Key tips for inexperienced investors 

    What’s Alpesh’s view on the impact Brexit will have on investment into the UK?

  43. Every business will own intellectual property – this could be the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business. All these elements can be protected if they are important to your business and if you manage them correctly they can provide competitive advantage. 

    The Intellectual Property Office, an executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), can help you understand how patents, trade marks, designs and copyright can prove an asset to your business.

    Our main responsibilities are: educating businesses and consumers about IP rights and responsibilities, IP policy, supporting IP enforcement and granting UK patents, trade marks and design rights.

    Our work encourages innovation, helping the economy and society to benefit from knowledge and ideas.

  44. Every business will own intellectual property - the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business. The Intellectual Property Office can help you understand how your IP can be protected effectively.

  45. AXA has a clear vision for the future of working: Everyone is trusted to get the best from their day, with the customer at the heart of decisions made. As a business, we view Smart Working as flexible, resilient, empowering and collaborative. We understand it will mean different things to different people based on each role, but, in essence, it should give our people the ability to work in a smarter way to better meet their own, our customers’ and the business’s needs. As we switch on to Smart Working and embed best practice throughout the business, we are looking to develop our Bricks (where we work and how we set up and use our home and office environment), Bytes (the technology that will support us) and Behaviours (how we manage our working lives). In this session, hear from Lucinda Charles-Jones, AXA UK & Ireland Group HR Director, as she explores what’s needed to truly make Smart Working work for all.

  46. All organisations small or large are under increasing scrutiny from customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders regarding their sustainability and environmental management credentials. This seminar explores what SMEs can do to effectively monitor and manage their carbon footprint and enhance their wider business sustainability in a way that is fit-for-purpose for their organisation.

  47. Over 400 businesses and government departments are providing employment opportunities to serving prisoners within industries workshops, Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) placements and employment of prison leavers.

    These partnerships support British business to fill the skills gaps in a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, logistics, retail, transport, I.T, agriculture, hospitality and catering, whilst also changing lives and helping to break the cycle of re-offending.

    Find out which businesses are benefitting from this recruitment process, and how you can too.

    Hear from a representative of the New Futures Network - a specialist part of Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) which brokers partnerships between prisons and employers in England and Wales.

  48. It’s tough out there. How do you lead when there is so much uncertainty and change, and the old normal has gone? How do you lead when even you are unsure of what the future holds? You and your team will need to be strong, resilient and positive to take on these challenges. You will need their commitment and for that, you will need Compassionate Leadership.

    Manley will inspire and excite you with his stories of taking on Hurricane Michael in the “world’s toughest yacht race” and share what it takes to lead in stormy waters. Manley and his crew did not just “survive” the hurricane, they attacked it and turned a threat into an opportunity to come out in 1st place.

    Manley will share the communication, leadership, team and personal lessons he learnt in that storm and in the many that followed. Lessons that you and your teams can apply every day.

  49. Deborah Collier ‘Futurist Leader’ in business, education, digital and media, and founder of the world’s Digital Skills Authority, delivers a thought‐provoking and enlightening talk about the new paradigm in skills evolution, future humans and work, which she defines as the ‘Diversity‐of‐Things (DoT)’. From soft skills to competence in digital and business, Deborah delivers a deep insight into how cultural shifts, social consciousness and conscious business will impact your roadmap for future‐proof skills.   She draws upon original thinking in digital philosophy and future strategy, as well as the story behind building the Digital Skills Authority and her ‘Three‐pillared model for sustainability – Economic, Social and Environment’.
  50. In this seminar we will discuss how I (Montana Brown) built Swim Society, including all the set backs we have faced as a business and the struggle to ensure our value takes precedent over our short term revenue. We’ve made many wrong decisions and partnered with the wrong people at the right time, so how do you know when to change course? Or when a business decision becomes your best mistake. We will delve into influencer culture and what its really like being an influencer face at the head of a brand striving to do good.

  51. The worst thing you can be doing is to do well the things you shouldn’t be doing in the first place’. This provocative seminar will highlight techniques your business can undertake to reduce risk and target innovation. The seminar will focus on specific business challenges including Sustainability and how Brunel University London Co-Innovate programme collaborates with industry.  
  52. The word Franchise brings with it some misconceptions, I believe it has had a bad rap for years and been treated in the business sector very much as the poor relation, something you do if you don't have any ideas yourself, or associated with Mcdonalds and that is as far as franchising goes .

    The reality is Franchising is a huge contributor to the economy and driving force for entrepreneurship but it needs to shout louder to the public and other business people on the benefits it can bring to individuals and to the wider business world.

  53. Organisations with engaged and happy team members achieve better business outcomes, in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction as well as improved employee retention to name a few. Team members feel valued in the workplace when they understand the role they play and the impact their contribution makes. This session will focus on how to identify your team’s strengths and ensure that everyone is making a positive impact!

  54. Are you ready to create and grow your consultancy business?

    As a professional ‘corporate escape artist’ and consultant, you’re no doubt brilliant at what you do, but if you can’t promote your consultancy effectively, you might end up searching the job ads again!

    Anneve shares a step-by-step marketing action plan that will help you get found by ideal clients, win profitable consultancy contracts and evade recapture by the corporate world.

  55. The way we work has undergone a significant shift over the past year, with the majority of the workforce transitioning to home working almost overnight. Even as we start to transition out of lockdown, in one form or another, remote working is here to stay. How businesses and individuals adapt to this change, and what models of working they choose to follow, will shape future working life.

    At Dropbox, creating an equitable employee experience regardless of role and location was of utmost importance. We believe that Virtual First offers something different from the “hybrid-remote” models many companies are announcing, which is one where employees choose whether or not to work out of the office.

    Employees have been calling for greater flexibility in how and where they work for years, and it’s these evolving demands that will characterise the world of work next year. It is imperative that businesses focus on the mental wellbeing of their employees during this time and find a solution that offers greater agility; as well as equipping them with the tools for closer collaboration.

    Distributed working is a very fine balance, and it can be hard for businesses to get right. It is vital that when considering what model to use, businesses talk to their employees to see what they want and need to move beyond the pandemic together into a new world of work.
  56. We know that our people want a mix of where and when they work– taking the best of being in the office and blending it with what we’ve learnt about remote working. And that is good for our people, the environment and our business too with, for example, less travel and office space needed.

    So we’ve introduced Smart Working to give our people and their leaders guidance on how and where they work. The framework includes five Smart Working profiles based on the type of role they do, what work is involved in it and therefore how often, and why, a colleague might need to be in the office and the facilities and technology they need to do their job in order to achieve the best outcomes.

    And the way we use our offices will evolve to become more collaborative spaces, less about rows of desks. Offices aren’t necessarily the best place for people to check emails – they are much more about creativity, innovation and teamwork.

  57. When it comes to employee engagement, success is about the people.  Nita Clarke will discuss why employee engagement is crucial to a successful business and what small businesses need to focus on to h ...
  58. This seminar examines the issues and cost of fraud upon the business sector. Offering advice, solutions and guidance the seminar will assist the attendee in understanding the threat, whilst increasing their ability to identify issues. Through case study examples and practical advice, the speaker will assist you to examine organisational processes and develop skill sets to negate what is a real and complex threat to both revenues and reputations.

  59. Tomorrow is here today! Minimise risk in your software development, learn crucial insight to improve performance, increase efficiencies, and save valuable resources within your organisation. As a Microsoft and Xamarin Consulting Partner, we hyper charge your business with innovative, advanced software solutions, fully underpinned with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence.

    Comprising two core disciplines – discover how we can help organisations benefit from the latest advances in Software and AI technology.

  1. Branded Content expenditure was an estimated $13.4 billion in 2020 and continues to grow exponentially. With the majority of brands now relying on branded content as a core element of their marketing ...