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Adewale Lawal: Speaking at the The Business Show

Adewale Lawal

AJLS Consulting

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Online Success: The Importance of Having The Right Mindset

The practicalities of running your own online business, as well as the importance of cultivating the right mindset and the power of Your why'' - and how crucial mastering all 3 are to your success!

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Adewale Lawal is the inspirational author of First and only and Creative Endeavour for the logical mind As well as excelling as a professional Chartered Mechanical Engineer with a Master''s from Surrey University, he is also an Entrepreneur, Motivational Mindset Coach and Online Marketer. Before starting his own thriving business as a consultant, providing expert advice to some of the world''s leading blue-chip companies, he carved out a successful career in the manufacturing industry. However, following a prolonged period of life-threatening ill health, a lifelong battle that he was able to beat against all the odds, everything dramatically changed for Adewale. Left with no alternative, he was forced to explore new ways to earn an income and soon found himself in the complex realm of online marketing. Not one for giving up, in a very short time, he recognised how effective and rewarding building an online business could be and went on to invest heavily in his education and became 100% committed to learning and masterminding from the very best in the industry. A testament to how mindset and motivation can help you achieve miracles, even in the face of huge adversity, he now helps others to successfully realise their dreams by achieving the ultimate mindset for success. Adewale lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife Julie, who shares his passion for marketing, building online businesses and helping others make the same transformational life changes. For more information and to book a consultation, contact him at adewale


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