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Alasdair Cunningham

Alasdair Cunningham

CEO, ALC Consulting London Ltd
United Kingdom

Alasdair Cunningham is an entrepreneur who challenges the conventional wisdom that equates hard work with financial success.
Beginning in the traditional brick-and-mortar business, Alasdair built a thriving commercial vehicle workshop.
After selling this business, he realised that true prosperity demands both diligence and astute decision-making.
This insight led him to new heights in the business world, where he successfully established multiple seven-figure enterprises,
mastered team leadership, and achieved life on his own terms.

Alasdair is dedicated to helping others build their own six-figure businesses from the ground up, already
transforming tens of thousands of lives in the process, His commitment to excellence is evident in hundreds of five-star
Trustpilot reviews from clients who have reaped significant rewards from their collaboration with him.