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Alex ‘Delz Erinle: Speaking at the The Business Show

Alex ‘Delz Erinle

Protofast: App Prototypes Delivered Fast.

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Seminar Title

How To Design A Game Changing App

Have you got an app idea you believe can be a game changer? Come to this seminar and find out how to design your app - even with no prior experience in product design and development! In this seminar, Alex Delz Erinle, a product design consultant will walk you through the steps of designing a game-changing app, highlight groundbreaking case studies and reveal his own designs. This seminar is not to be missed.

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Speaker Biography

Alex ‘Delz Erinle is a Product Designer/Consultant with a background in consumer psychology. His experience includes working on innovative ideas remotely for small start-ups and working in agile environments for companies as big companies as BT. He is an avid reader and explorer with strong interests in Agile UX, Mass Customization & Multisided Platform Business Models and has Masters degrees in Marketing Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


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