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Alex Dodd & Katy Navichas: Speaking at the The Business Show

Alex Dodd & Katy Navichas


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Your Workplace Inefficiency is Costing you Money

Efficiency in the workplace is something every business wants to have, but few nail down. With Cloud Services on the constant rise, GDPR pressures and Communication options faster than ever before, there plenty of ways for your employees to save time and money day to day.
We will take you through the ways that modern companies are using technology and innovation to cut admin time, streamline services and improve performance.

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Katy Navichas is the Operations Director of Meeko Teams. With over a decade of experience in business operations, she can advise on a variety of aspects of internal efficiency from outsourcing & systems and processes, HR, staff incentives & motivations, staff development, budgets, cash flow, and planning. After co-founding Meeko in 2018, Katy is now helping other businesses grow by giving them the support, office space and talent to grow permanent teams offshore. Alex Is the Marketing Associate for Lucidica. Whilst working on Lucidica''s presence, he also supports new ventures and start-ups with his knowledge of both Marketing and his own enterprise experiences. Staff satisfaction should always be a high priority in his eyes, no matter the industry, to improve sales and workflow. His experience in different industries ranging from Mortgage Finance, Recruitment, Nightlife and IT means he has had hands-on experience with what works and witnessed what really doesn''t.


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