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Alister Esam: Speaking at the The Business Show

Alister Esam

Process Bliss

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Turn process frustrations into process bliss

In business we have a love/hate relationship with process. You know it’s a powerful tool but you get frustrated when things aren’t done the way you want them to. That’s because people forget important steps or do things differently. You start micromanaging. Your employees feel demotivated and leave. You have to start over. Alister Esam looks at ways to break this cycle and start using process to effect positive change.

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Alister has worked in governance-related roles for nearly 25 years, but it wasn’t until the pensions crisis hit , that his entrepreneurial spirit became apparent. Initially setting up a company to compensate pension fund members for mis-selling, he realised there was a wider problem in the way pension boards were run. To make a difference he needed to tackle the inefficient way the boards were operating, and established eShare. Its mission was to design intuitive, secure software to improve meetings and governance. The business grew without investment to the point when it was the largest UK-based provider of board portal technology. eShare had a presence in over 30 countries and counted some prestigious brands and progressive public sector bodies among its clients. After selling eShare in 2018, Alister created Process Bliss. Its mission is to make all businesses run better and make managers and employees happier through the power of process.


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