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Anna Easton

Anna Easton

Founder & Director, True Wellbeing

Anna Easton is a highly accredited leadership and wellbeing coach working with employers and employees, with groups as well as individuals.  Her passion for wellness is infectious, which she uses this to create positive change, instilling a prolific culture of compassion and growth in the organisations she works with.  Her top-down, bottom-up approach draws from her own corporate background, allowing her to balance both the needs of the business with those of the teams and individuals that make them.


Anna is an engaging keynote speaker, wellness writer and expert panellist.  Her aim is to help as many as possible to be truly well, leveraging this to become and achieve the best they can by balancing three key wellness spheres, namely, mental wellbeing, physical health and the impact our surroundings and environment have on these.


Her qualifications include: Coaching, Neuroscience, Self-Development, Project Management, Yoga Therapy and Nutrition.  For all enquiries: