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Asad Hamir

Asad Hamir

Founder & CEO, Klyk

39 million tonnes of e-waste are produced every year, with the UK being the second biggest contributor worldwide. That’s not to mention the CO2 emissions and water consumption

Buying new tech not only costs your business, it costs the planet too.

Many businesses are now making the smart move to refurbished technology, reducing their carbon footprint, saving up to 60% on their IT spend, increasing employee engagement, and much more.

Join this session with Asad Hamir, Founder & CEO of Klyk, a B Corp which specialises in helping businesses become more sustainable with their technology, where he’ll be sharing:

  • Why this is such an important issue
  • How to make a business case
  • What to look out for when making the switch to sustainable tech
  • Learnings from building a business in the circular economy & becoming a B Corp