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Brenda Dempsey

Brenda Dempsey

CEO and Founder, Book Brilliance Publishing

Brenda Dempsey is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and publisher. As a Master Coach,
she enables people to accelerate their potential and achieve their goals and dreams.

She is also a bestselling author and a woman of influence, and was voted Woman Leader to Look Up To in 2022.
Brenda is the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of the International Institute of Influencers, the Vice President of
the International House of Speakers, and an Advisory Board member of Africa and Asia Chamber of Commerce.

In June 2023, Brenda was awarded the Marketing 2.0 Influencer Award at The Marketing 2.0 Conference in Dubai for her work
in helping her clients enhanced their visibility and build their brands.

Having a prominent and highly successful career behind her as an educator, Brenda has a unique and powerful skillset that has enabled
her to consistently facilitate the success and growth of others in many industries and countries around the world.