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Chao Liu

Chao Liu


Harnessing the power of technology and strategic insight, Chao Liu has dedicated over 15 years to the realm of e-commerce and digital marketing, guiding businesses through the dynamic currents of the online marketplace. Before embarking on this digital voyage, Chao Liu's career was rooted in the rigorous world of investment banking as a software developer, where they mastered the intricacies of technology, complex problem solving, and high-stakes decision-making. Transitioning into the expansive domain of e-commerce, Chao seamlessly melded his tech background with the subtleties of digital marketing, helping both fledgling start ups and established ventures carve out their digital footprints. The confluence of these two worlds offered Chao a unique perspective on how technology, when harnessed correctly, can redefine business operations and customer engagement., is a pioneering SaaS platform. Through the innovative blend of AI and automation, promises to "automate the boring stuff," giving businesses the freedom to focus on what truly matters: growth and  innovation.