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Chelsey Baker

Chelsey Baker

Founder & CEO, UK’s No 1 Pitching Expert, 14 X Award-Winning Mentor, National Mentoring Day

Chelsey is a visionary force in the world of mentoring, founding National Mentoring Day, the largest celebration of mentoring in the world, inaugurated in the Houses of Parliament.

Renowned as the UK's top pitching expert, with over two decades in media, PR and television, training global CEOs and entrepreneurs in public speaking and business pitching. 

Chelsey’s empowering keynotes have received global recognition speaking in Silicon Valley for Microsoft, Cisco, eBay, Google, Arm and Blackrock, UK Government, the London Stock Exchange Group and Universities worldwide.

As an award-winning business mentor Chelsey has mentored across all sectors, working with Royalty, celebrities, SMEs, and entrepreneurs where she is passionate about elevating others through mentorship.

Chelsey was awarded the "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award" at BAFTA, "Influential Woman of the Year," and the “Visionary Woman Serving Humanity” award, reflecting her commitment to empowering individuals and businesses through mentoring.