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Chris Paton

Chris Paton

Managing Director, Quirk Solutions Limited

Chris is a highly regarded keynote speaker, who has given talks at global conferences in Berlin, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Aberdeen. He has been the Managing Director of Quirk Solutions for the past 12 years - a successful management consultancy which specialises in organisational culture, people development and transformation.

Chris has worked with brands such as Mercedes, Unilever, Shell, Heineken, and Waitrose, but SME and mid-market organisations are his specialty. His focus is on enabling organisations to become higher tempo, through alignment, empowerment and accountability – connecting teams and enhancing their understanding of one another.

In his former career Chris was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines and saw active service for over 18 years. He has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Strategy Magazine, is a #1 bestselling author, and has lectured on the London Business School’s Executive Education Programme.