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Dave Swis

Dave Swis

Chief Operating Officer, ARVRA Wellness

Specialising in exercise physiology and biomechanics at University, Dave has spent over 20yrs working in the health, fitness, tech & wellbeing arena. He began his career as a trainer, working with members of the public as well as professional sports teams, focusing on the prehab and rehab of athletes. Fast forward to the current day and Dave has held several senior leadership positions for some of the globe’s largest brands, most recently Peloton Interactive.

Dave has always been fascinated in behavioural change and the psychology of how to engage individuals through varying incentives. This led to work on numerous projects aimed at building memberships & communities with the aligned goal of living healthier, happier lives. Dave is determined to bring down the barriers and limitations changing social norms around health & wellbeing, and his role as COO at ARVRA allows him to do just that.