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Debbie Church

Debbie Church

Founder & CEO of Epic Events, Epic Events

With over three decades of experience, I lead a premier Live Event and Exhibition agency known for creating powerful connections and sustaining long-term partnerships. We understand the complexities of event planning and excel in demystifying the process for our clients.

At the heart of our operations is the desire to democratise the access to both Live and Virtual events. Whether you are a seasoned event organiser or a newcomer, our EPIC EVENT AUTOMATION PLATFORM offers a holistic software solution, augmented by tailored event expertise and guided by our EPIC EVENT BLUEPRINT.

We provide a comprehensive range of event management services designed to cater to entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. Our offerings are adaptable, allowing you to engage as much or as little as you prefer, integrating smoothly with existing teams or managing everything for you.

Our unwavering aim is to deliver a top-tier, profitable service that leverages the transformative power of events to boost your reputation, enhance your profile, and accelerate the growth and profitability of your business. With EPIC events, your vision is not only realised but celebrated.