Deborah Collier

Deborah Collier

President, Digital Skills Authority
Deborah Collier ‘Futurist Leader’ in education, business, media and digital is a globally‐recognised expert on strategy, leadership and the future.  She is President and founder of the world’s Digital Skills Authority, a media group CEO and a Non‐ Executive Director on a leading UK government‐funded skills education organisation.   Deborah is a thought‐provoking and visionary keynote speaker, who has delivered talks to audiences of leaders and professionals at government ministries, fortune 500 companies, blue‐chip organisations and SMEs internationally. She is an influential figure with a following and network of well‐known global brands, leaders and professionals in academia, business, media, government and entertainment for her work and insights. In 2016, she was listed in a publication's ‘Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World’. An innovator, thought‐leader, philosopher and digital champion, her expertise also includes years of practice, research and analysis into how digital, media and social networks interplay with humanity.