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Huw Philips

Huw Philips

CEO, Buyline

A seasoned retail finance professional with an extensive career in the retail industry, Huw has accumulated a wealth of operational and commercial leadership experience. Over the years, he has held significant roles at Barclays Partner Finance, where he contributed to various strategic initiatives. 

Additionally, Huw was a key member of the senior leadership team at Close Brothers, where he played a pivotal role in driving growth and go-to-market strategies, leading to the company's acquisition by Klarna in 2019.

Following the acquisition, Huw took on a global leadership role at Klarna, where he continued to influence the company's strategic direction on an international scale. After his tenure at Klarna, he transitioned to a position at a prominent London-based finance broker, further honing his expertise in the financial sector.

In January 2023, Huw joined Buyline as CEO, where he leverages his extensive experience and knowledge to drive the company's vision and growth, positioning Buyline as a leader in the industry focusing specifically on SME