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Ifty Nasir: Speaking at the The Business Show

Ifty Nasir


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Founders! Don’t give anyone shares before hearing this talk!

Sharing equity (shares or options) with co-founders, directors and employees has become the norm among progressive companies.

But which scheme is the most cost-effective (and tax-efficient) for you and your shareholders?

How can you minimise the risks to your business?

What will it cost, in the long run?

Vestd CEO Ifty Nasir has all the answers you need and plenty of practical takeaways, to help you choose the right path.

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Ifty is co-founder and CEO of Vestd, an online platform that makes it simple and affordable to share ownership, in a tax-efficient, compliant way. Through a successful career of business leadership (in the energy sector), building businesses and high performing teams, Ifty has learnt the power equity has to align interest, share risk and reward - ensuring that everyone is vested in the business’ success. He is a great believer of the ‘Ownership Effect’, in that even a small piece of equity in a business has the power to change your relationship with it. Ifty launched Vestd to eliminate the cost and complexity involved in equity distribution (via shares or options), and in doing so has made this accessible to businesses of all sizes, from startups to established companies. Hundreds of businesses now use Vestd to create and manage their share schemes. Visit stand 936 for more information.


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