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James  Gutteridge

James Gutteridge

Operations and Strategy Manager, HealthHero

James joined HealthHero in 2021 as Operations and Strategy Manager. His journey to joining the digital healthcare world involved multiple years of experience growing software companies in the cyber security and fintech space, while indulging in his passion of building mobile applications, one of which was a wellbeing app. Following the pandemic, James found HealthHero after seeing the impact digital tools were having on improving access to healthcare.

James is now responsible for HealthHero’s native mobile app, Symbio, which is bringing together the best parts of the HealthHero Group in a single app for employees. He is working with many of HealthHero’s customers who have built successful wellbeing strategies, particularly in the SME space. He’s passionate about working with people to find a healthy balance in their life and is into numerous sports including surfing and skiing, but isn’t afraid to admit he has a ‘nerdy’ side as well.