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Jemima Myers

Jemima Myers

Founder & CEO, Social Chameleon
United Kingdom

Jemima Myers is the Founder and CEO of Social Chameleon, a London and Sydney based digital
marketing agency - and Social Media Agency of the Year 2022.

Having spent a large amount of her early career working with startups, Jemima has mastered the
ability to drive long term organic growth for clients. With a keen eye for industry trends and how to
leverage macro factors for business traction, Jemima and her team offer clients an agile and reactive
approach to their digital activities - maximising opportunities for brands to attract and engage with
online users.

Far from delivering vanity metrics, Jemima advocates the importance of social media as part of an
omnichannel approach to marketing. She believes that most brands are yet to unlock the true potential
of social media and works with her clients to show how social media can play a key role in supporting
other marketing channels and objectives.

Through Social Chameleon, Jemima is one of the main pioneers for search-first social media
marketing - a new approach combining principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital PR
with social media and content strategy.