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Mark Masiak: Speaking at the The Business Show

Mark Masiak

Harbour Club

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The Entrepreneurial Journey through Acquisitions

A case study on how Mark started in business the hard way and had to overcome and persevere to succeed. A merger for growth went horribly wrong. How Mark learnt from his mistakes and has since gone on to build his businesses rapidly through acquisitions and mergers. Marks Mentoring and helping people who have taken the steps to learn about M&A really has made the difference to their rapid success.

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Speaker Biography

Mark Masiak worked at EDS on some of the largest IT Outsourcing deals before making the transition to a lifestyle business owner. After a horrific car accident which left Mark in a coma and numerous major surgeries over a 15 year period, he struggled to keep his business and life intact. Mark realised the best way to grow was through Mergers and Acquisitions and embarked on a journey with the Harbour Club which has seen his portfolio grow with companies in numerous sectors: IT, Telecoms, Internet, IT-Security, IT-Support, Printers, Training,Consulting, Wine/Beer/Spirit Distribution, Brewing, EcoCladding, Recruitment, Debt Collection and other auxiliary business services. Mark is currently building larger synergistic groups with his Mentees, Company owners and reversing businesses into PLC’s to create a financial exit. Mark likes turning around distressed businesses, rescuing Directors burdened with PGs and helping larger debt free profitable businesses take the next step in their growth.


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