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J. J Stordal & Christian E. Morterud: Speaking at the The Business Show

J. J Stordal & Christian E. Morterud

Pointmedia AS & Fly By Media AS

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Seminar Title

Creating value with AR & VR

AR & VR. Who are the users, and how do they benefit from this technology?
We will show you real cases that generate real value. Learn from our business cases where product manufacturers now exploit AR so their buyers can experience it holographical before buying. You will see how the oil and gas industry amplifies human performance with AR and how training and safety costs are reduced with VR in any sectors.

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Speaker Biography

Jo J. Stordal is the CEO of Pointmedia, where they created Holopipe, an augmented reality plattform which was picked up by Google in 2019. Pointmedia is one of the game-changing companies in Norway within Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. Their focus is to help many industries exploit this new technology — amplifying their employee''s performance from engineering to sales. Christian E. Morterud is the CEO of Fly By Media, which is a total provider of marketing services, with several offices around Norway. Also, its daughter company Fly By Eiendom which has specialized in marketing real estate projects. We believe that Augmented Reality can revolutionize the marketing industry with this technology It´s possible to do almost anything. Right now, for instance. Building companies in Norway use AR to show potential buyers how their new home will look on their property before the construction process has begun.


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