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Kane Andrews

Kane Andrews

Founder and CEO, Rockstar Property Partners
United Kingdom

Visionary founder, avid music fan and skydiving enthusiast Kane Andrews is the Founder and CEO of the 'VIP Room’ masterclasses.
Having bought over 60 properties, franchised a number of companies and now the new owner of private schools,
Kane’s successful business career spans 13 years, across multiple industries. Also known as ‘Mr Rockstar’, Kane has bought £25m of
property all by the age of 34 - but his successful track record doesn’t stop at property.

His background also demonstrates a wealth of experience in the education sector, amongst others. Kane is now imparting
his knowledge through the ‘VIP Room’ service, a bespoke one-to-one 12 month membership that assists you in every aspect of your idea or business.
From strategy, marketing structure, creative input, ideas, execution, finance, right through to advice on selling your business - and everything in between.
Kane’s message is incredibly clear: He wants to make you more successful through his VIP Room coaching.