Karen James

Karen James

MindFit BodyFit
20 years ago the idea of business Wellbeing training didn’t exist, yet I thought it should believing the heart of any business is the people and health is wealth. Thus the vision to bring the idea of wellbeing to life within a business formed and lead to an adventure with many twists, turns and learnings as a Corporate Trainer, Life coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. The experience gained by working within a diverse number of corporate environments (banking, construction, airport, pharmaceutical, oil and gas) and as a private supplier of wellbeing services within the leisure industry is invaluable to what I’m doing today. MindFit BodyFit has stayed my passion throughout which is to assist the employee with growing their potential and minimising their stress levels as well as providing a wellbeing strategy for the employer to ensure their business grows in the right way too.