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Katrina Sargent

Katrina Sargent

Co-Founder, Business Buzz Ltd

Katrina Sargent is the co-founder of award winning Business Buzz which was created back in 2012.

Business Buzz has grown to become a popular networking brand of drop-in, pay as you go, informal events creating a vibrant community for local businesses to meet, share ideas and build business.

Business Buzz believes that networking should be open and available to everyone wanting to forge local relationships with no barrier to entry, no pricey memberships or no industry exclusion from a one seat policy. They know that collaboration is far more powerful than many believe and have plenty of stories and testimonials that prove this model really works.


Over the years Katrina supported and mentored many individuals, run workshops and training sessions to help people to gain the confidence and skills allowing them to be their best and get results that count from any networking situation