Keith Budden

Keith Budden

Managing Director, Ensurety

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Keith has one clear purpose – to make GDPR enjoyable and fun! Keith is recognised as one of the top GDPR experts in the UK. Keith provides consultancy, training and auditing services, is the author of bestselling book “GDPR Made Simple” and is the presenter and producer of the #1 GDPR podcast, the GDPR Weekly Show which now has 80,000 listeners in 115 countries worldwide.

With clients ranging from small start ups to companies in the FTSE 100, with verticals from a steel foundry to Blackburn Rovers Football Club, Keith takes a pragmatic view to the implementation of GDPR, based on his 25 years experience of running his own business.

Keith believes that every company of any size should have an understanding of GDPR. His mission is to take action every day to make GDPR not just understandable, but fun too!