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Lesley Cooper

Lesley Cooper

CEO, WorkingWell Limited

Lesley Cooper is the founder of WorkingWell Limited, a specialist health management consultancy whose focus is the proactive and cost-effective management of employee wellbeing and performance. A health management consultant with 30 years of corporate consulting experience, she has a detailed knowledge of the challenges inherent in balancing frequently conflicting roles and responsibilities with 21st Century work demands and individual coping capacity as well as the potential impacts a lack of balance can have on employee psychosocial health and performance.

Prior to starting WorkingWell in 1997, Lesley held several leadership and management positions within the private health care industry where she gained operational and leadership experience in national account management, marketing and product development, corporate business consultancy and employee development. 

She is a regular speaker on the subjects of occupational stress, employee wellbeing and the relationship between employee mental health and business performance as well as contributing to a number of TV and Radio programs on the subject of employee wellbeing, including Channel 4’s highly acclaimed documentary “Stressed Out”.