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Mark Purdy

Mark Purdy

CEO, The Code Registry

Mark Purdy is the CEO of The Code Registry, the world's first code intelligence and insights platform powered by AI. With a vast background in managing complex software development projects and leading digital transformation at boardroom level, Mark has dedicated his career to helping businesses secure and understand their digital assets. Under his leadership, The Code Registry has revolutionized how companies manage their code, providing cutting-edge solutions for code security, analysis and due diligence. As a self-professed non-technical leader, Mark's visionary approach is to ensure that both technical experts and business leaders can understand and mitigate the risks associated with software development. As a recognized authority in the field, he frequently speaks at industry conferences, sharing his insights on the importance of prioritising software, IT and security in the Boardroom. Mark's commitment to demystifying complex technical topics has empowered countless organizations to take control of their software development processes and enhance their cybersecurity posture.