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Melissa Curran

Melissa Curran

Founder / People & Performance Consultant, Modern Mind Group

Melissa Curran, the founder of The Modern Mind Group as well as People & Performance Consultant, is on a mission of ‘emotioneering® to change the hearts and minds of at least one million people for the better’. Starting this mission in the workplace, as a trusted global consultant, Melissa set up The Modern Mind Group in 2019 offering outsourced people (HR) services for businesses looking to create highly engaged teams and achieve record-breaking results. Melissa has provided over 15,000 hours of coaching from frontline employees up to executive level and delivered over 1000 in person training workshops. Melissa uses her own Emotioneering® Business Formula as a framework alongside the Emotioneering® Blueprint Scorecard to measure success with each team that The Modern Mind Group work with. This is also detailed in her bestselling book Emotioneering® Business Results: Improve Your Team Performance