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Monika Chauhan Stok

Monika Chauhan Stok

Director, Crossroads Global

Monika is an experienced and accomplished international professional - an expert in cross culture,
diversity and international leadership training. Her experience and insights into diversity and cross-
cultural issues are unique and unparalleled. Monika has lived in 9 countries, worked in more than 60
countries and facilitated for 150 nationalities. Monika has a truly global perspective with keen insight
and understanding of many diverse cultures. She is a recognized and accepted authority in
optimizing performance in diverse teams and has a natural ability to reach across cultures and to
inspire her audience and those who participate in her workshops and seminars. Monika is a
consultant for various Fortune 500 companies on their diversity and cultural awareness strategy
including recruiting and talent development. She frequently speaks on on topics relating to &
importance of intercultural understanding and diverse and inclusive workplaces.