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Pam Arnold: Speaking at the The Business Show

Pam Arnold

Pamella Arnold Coaching

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You're a CEO! Stop letting food boss you around!

If you are feeling out of control around food, don''t really know why you are putting on weight or you are using food to cope with stress, this is the seminar for you.
The Emotional Eating Coach Pam Arnold will walk you through why it can be so hard to manage your eating habits, lose weight, how to identify in your life, and what to do about it.

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Pamella Arnold is The Emotional Eating Coach, Qualified Nutritional Therapist and Speaker. She helps women break the vicious circle of emotional eating so they can take complete control over their bodies. After her first heart break at age 19, she became an emotional eater. Only 4 years later she was diagnosed with insulin resistance and borderline diabetes, suffered with anxiety and panic attacks at age 25, and yo-yo dieted until age 32. Pamella tried all the diets out there and that resulted in getting stuck in a yo-yo body and self-loathing. She successfully reverted her diagnosis with good nutrition, broke the vicious circle, lost weight and overcame emotional eating with coaching. Now her passion and mission is to help women to stop dieting and start living their lives using the coaching tools she has been using so you can achieve mind, body and life freedom.


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