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Primrose Roberts

Primrose Roberts

Blue Diamond Wellbeing

Primrose Roberts, (Cognitive Behaviour Therapist)  Psychotherapist MSc, Founder and Director of Blue Diamond Wellbeing. 


Blue Diamond Wellbeing emerged during Primrose’s recovery from significant injuries following a serious car accident in 2018. She received PTSD counselling to help her fully recover from the mental and physical trauma of the accident, which she has really valued and appreciated. She reflected, “having personal therapy was invaluable and essential to my mental wellbeing recovery.” 


Prior to this, Primrose was Operations Manager for Therapeutic Services for a well-known charity. Her job was very demanding, often stressful and exhausting, so she understands the rigors of business demands. 


With over 25 years of experience working within Local Authorities social services sector, charitable organisations, mental health and now in private practice. She brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience that speaks directly to you about the importance of mental wellbeing in your business, organisation or personal life.