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Robert  Burdett

Robert Burdett

Managing Director, Globalnet IT Innovations Ltd.

Robert Burdett has worked with SMEs in the IT and Security space for the last 25 years. He started Globalnet IT Innovations, back in 2010 when he saw a large gap in the market. Many IT companies were scared to introduce new Cloud technologies such as Office 365, and instead decided to keep their focus on selling expensive servers.

Ransomware also became a more common issue and was doing irrecoverable damage to small businesses. As a single attack can be catastrophic to a small business, Robert focussed huge efforts in providing top quality secure solutions to his clients, within a budget that they could afford, often a lot less than that of a large enterprise.

Robert is proud to say that not one of his clients have experienced a ransomware attack, and he still makes constant changes to his security offering to keep this statistic alive.