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Samantha Pearce

Samantha Pearce

Author & Business Publishing Consultant, SWATT Books

Sam has over 20 years of corporate design experience both in the UK and Canada. Sam started applying her passion for typography and layout to the art of books back in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in the design and publication of over 250 books encompassing a wide range of genres from business guides and self-help books to children’s stories and fantasy fiction.


Sam started SWATT Books with the mission of making independent business publishing professionals, and empowering business owners, thought leaders and coaches to change the world through the power of books.


Both Sam Pearce, and SWATT books have been featured in The Daily Mail, Bloomsbury’s “Writers’ & Artists’ Guide to Self-Publishing”, Express FM, Frome FM, and the International Association of Professional Coaching & Mentoring.