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Sherin Mathew

Sherin Mathew

Founder & CEO, AI Tech UK
Sherin Mathew is a recognised AI Leader and leading AI Ethicist in the UK. A Founder, CEO, and Serial Entrepreneur, with a deep-rooted passion for wider AI Awareness, Impact, Ethics, and Intellectual Privacy.

As a former IBM AI Expert at Global Business Services UK, Sherin’s specialism is transforming businesses into cognitive enterprises. Sherin is an award-winning CEO of AI Tech UK ( and is responsible for delivering the National AI Strategy and democratising AI Awareness with UK businesses since 2018.

Sherin is a Tech4good champion and a pioneer in the space of Ethics and Sustainability Management in Digital Transformation. Sherin is the founder of, a groundbreaking open AI Ethics management platform forged with global partners and institutes.

Sherin is an AI Strategist and board advisor for West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and also the Chief AI advisor for ambitious SMEs, DeepTech Startups, and the UK AI policy team (DSIT) with a mission to "Disrupt the AI Disruption"! Sherin is an untiring advocate for the creative, innovative, and ethical elements of intelligent technologies. As an accomplished Public Speaker, AI Ethicist, and Evangelist, Sherin promotes thought-provoking ideas, shares his technical knowledge, and advises on best practices.

As an AI Influencer, Sherin is recognised for delivering national-level strategy and engagements with global partners from the North. He has published thought-provoking papers and is listed as a Top leader in
60 Leaders in AI:
Top 5 Asians in Tech:
DataIQ-Top100 Leaders:
Prolific North:

Sherin founded the idea of Intellectual Privacy, proposing the sanction of new Human Rights to Intelligence. To inspire and educate others on this evolving topic, he produced a documentary about Intellectual Privacy, which can be found in full here: or take a look at the 1-minute documentary trailer here: