Thomas Schroeck

Thomas Schroeck

Founder and CEO, The Natural Gem

Dr. Thomas Schroeck is a trained gemmologist with a doctorate in economics, his passion for gemstones already started in his youth, first when he received a rock crystal from his father at eight years old. Since then, the hobby gradually transformed into his profession. As a teenager he already started trading gemstones, leading to opening his own jewellery store at the age of 20. Now, having more than 30 years of experience in the gemstone field, Dr. Thomas Schroeck is one of the leading experts in Europe and has published the 4th edition of his book "Investing in Gemstones" in the summer of 2022. 

Dr. Thomas Schroeck is the CEO and Founder of The Natural Gem, an enterprise which helps clients build a diversified investment portfolio with naturally coloured gemstones and is currently working with members of the Habsburg family to launch an exclusive jewellery line as well as several gemstone investment options on the blockchain.