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Tim  Mahoney

Tim Mahoney

CTO, Marshall Mahoney Ltd
United Kingdom

An accomplished technologist from the Midlands, England. With a career spanning over two decades,
this dynamic leader has held pivotal roles from IT Analyst to Chief Technology Officer. With a robust career trajectory
at notable firms like Marshall Mahoney and Riviera Travel, this visionary has consistently been at the forefront of
technological advancements, leading the charge in microservice integration, cloud technology, and IT infrastructure transformations.

His expertise isn't just technical; he's collaborated extensively with business leaders, leveraging technology
to drive profound change for organisational performance and the people within. At Riviera Travel, he redefined the
IT framework of an international powerhouse, underscoring his prowess in strategic IT formulation and implementation.
A Cranfield University alumnus, he embodies a unique blend of technical acumen and leadership, having been
at the helm of over 100 strategy-driven projects and propelling businesses to new heights.
Passionate about supporting business expansion, he consistently finds innovative solutions to intricate challenges,
making him a formidable presence in the technological realm.