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AIXR, an independent not-for-profit body that provides organisations with the means to grow, share knowledge, connect people and nurture freelance talent within the immersive industries on a global scale. AIXR is also host to one of the biggest award ceremonies in the industry: the ‘VR Awards’ is at the centre of recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in VR. The ceremony gathers the world’s most influential names in immersive technology, to celebrate the biggest projects that redefined the way we live.

The 6th International VR Awards will be the one to remember for many years to come. This year the VR Awards will be celebrating its 6th year of gathering the globe’s biggest innovators to recognize groundbreaking projects that redefined the immersive world. Combined with year-round international initiatives, the VR Awards brings together a night of red-carpet highlights, the celebration of excellence, and unique access to the world’s most influential names in immersive technology. The VR Awards is an unmissable awards ceremony for a wide range of decision-making professionals from various industries across the world. The VR Awards are overseen by AIXR’s independent Steering Board.

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